Friday, August 1, 2014

Helpful links for publishing and developing Adobe Air apps for the iOS app store

Listed below are some links that have helped me test and eventually get my app on the iOS app store. I used Flash Pro cs6 on Windows to develop my app, and it turns out the only thing that a mac was needed for was submitting the actual app.

This page walks you through the process step by step.

 As stated in the tutorial above, you need to use OpenSSL on a pc for a few things. If you get an error about a configuration or random file, these links can help you out.

Random state


In order to silence your iOS apps sounds when the user puts the phone on silent, check out this article:

To silence playing music when your app opens, check out this native extension:

Milkman Games has some great Native Extensions for your app. Two that I used were the Game Center and iAds extensions. Tutorials on these can be found here.

Game Center


Finally, remember to include good-looking icons, launch images, and make sure the display name displays well on an iOS device. (names that are too long will not show up). This article covers some things that have already been covered, but it takes you through the final submission.

A note about the above article: You do NOT need to unzip the ipa file, you can simply upload it. To open application loader on a mac, open application loader, click xcode on the top menu bar, click open developer tool, and then click Application Loader. From there just upload your .ipa file! You may get a warning about image sizes, but this is not an issue.

(Here's some more info on launch images -, also to add a launch image, all you need to do is go to File - Air for iOS settings - and add the launch image to the included files list!)

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