Wednesday, June 18, 2008

So, *puff*, So, *puff*, Close, *collapse*

I have benn working at this site like MAD! OK, lets tell you what we've done.
  1. Game Central, I have added catorgories and also dogfight, free rider, and line rider, you should check it out!!!!!
  2. Merchandise 103, A non-members Page (hooray!) this is a place where you can buy all of Game 103 Developments Games! Non-Members Can too!!!!!! It also has some nice screenshots! pretty cool!!!!!
  3. Gift cards are redeemable at Register, sorry, not Merchandise yet, but we hope to do this!
  4. Services you already know, it's pretty nice!
  5. Downloads, a great section, with itunes, IE, Safari, hypercam and more to download!
  6. My Games page will have shorter my games until Game 103 gets a sufficient income, I'm sorry about this, but we can not afford this with Web Hosting and other fees, but the full versions can be purchased at Merchandise 103!
  7. PSP 103 has been updated with system updates and games demos, pretty cool!
  8. And we have domains availible at Web Hosting
  9. Finally, iPony will not be offering Email at this time, maybe in the future.

So, now you know what I've been working on, and as my little trademark, Enjoy!

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