Saturday, June 14, 2008

Mass Addition System

Hey Everyone, I'd like to tell you about the addition plan! It's gonna be big so bear with me!

  1. Gift Cards, the Register Page will have a gift card redeem section, where if you buy a gift card, you can just enter you card number, instead of using paypal!
  2. The Sample My Games Page, if you don't know about it, beneath membership there is a My Games page which has the games I made on it. I will be cutting short some of the games, to give non members a preview of the games I made!
  3. Gadgets and Info Page, This Page will include a news reel, wheather, sports updates, world clocks and links to news sites!
  4. Services Page, this is one of the main updates, This will have all types of services that people can find to use, what I mean by services is you can look up a good local restuarant, or car wash, etc. Everything on the page is something people reccommend. We will try to not put big chain organizations, but more so small, nice places.
  5. The order my games page, If you don't want to buy membership, but are interested in my games, you can use the order my games feature! It will be a link off the sample my games page, where you can order a CD, if you are a member but want the CD, don't woory, theres a link on the regular my games page too!
  6. Web hosting Domains, We will add an iFrame of Yahoo Domain Registration on the Web Hosting Page, So You can Purchase Your Own Domain!
  7. Finally, iPony will be offering E-Mail

Wow! Thats alot, I'm gonna be very busy, please be patient with me, thanks enjoy!

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